Innovative Healing Academy

Chris Drennan & Liz Lipski
Company/Client Description

Liz Lipski, professor of Clinical Nutrition and author of Digestive Wellness–—the go-to reference book for clinicians used in dozens of college-level nutrition courses—created a new comprehensive learning experience, the Art of Digestive Wellness, to share over 40 years of experience in the field of integrative, holistic, and functional nutrition.

Project Overview

As part of the scope of work for this project, I created re-branding elements for Innovative Healing, such as a new logo, style guide, and stationery. After creating a colorful and bright new look for Innovative Healing, I designed and developed an inviting online course page on the Teachable platform. This unique single-page design empowered viewers to enroll in the course and experience the healthy life that digestive wellness offers. Unlike a typical website designed to appeal to multiple audiences and convey information to anyone interested in the brand, the goal was the create a single page targeted to one audience with one goal: getting them to take action and convert into paying customers. Using a bright color palette and captivating imagery, each section was methodically designed to reinforce the unique value proposition of Innovative Healing Academy.

Project Scope

Project Showcase

Graphic Design Assets

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