Macai Polansky
Company/Client Description

Cannagram is a premium cannabis delivery platform that offers a best-in-class cannabis online ordering and delivery service in the Sacramento metro.

Project Overview

As a strategic advisor to Cannagram, I was commissioned by the company's owner to build a brand for a cannabis delivery company. This project included illustrating, designing, and defining all company assets and assisting with the company's positioning and go-to-market strategy. Creating a solid brand identity that was easily recognizable was the primary objective. We wanted to distill the essence of a brand into the shape and color that's most likely to endure. After many design iterations, we settled on a wordmark and logomark that has become a priceless asset for the company.

Project Scope

  1. Craft a unique and memorable brand identity for a cannabis brand.
  2. Design a standout logo, logomark, and collateral that embody the essence of Cannagram.
  3. Create custom iconography for the website and online store to enhance user experience.
  4. Creating an intuitive, user-friendly website for online purchases.
  5. Attract potential clients and collaborators within the cannabis sector via a visually striking design.

Project Showcase

Creating an Iconic Brand

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