Trekker Vans

Nate Terry
Company/Client Description

Trekker Vans is a locally grown campervan rental company in California based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a second location in Los Angeles. It combines local knowledge of where to explore and firsthand experience of what travelers need to provide its customers with a comfortable campervan rental experience with a twist of true adventure.

Project Overview

In this project, I had the privilege of collaborating with Trekker Vans, a reputable camper van rental company, to craft a distinctive brand identity, design a captivating logo, and develop an enticing website that embodies the spirit of adventure. Trekker Vans wanted to reignite the essence of its unique offering by updating its current website to be mobile-ready and more user-friendly. The goal for this project was to redesign the existing website while maintaining the breath of Trekker Vans, add consistency and uniformity across the site consistent with the company's brand, and ensure the main objective–making the website easier to navigate and simplify the booking experience–was front and center.

Project Scope

Project Showcase

Graphic Design Assets

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