Point-of-Sale Dashboard

Parse Pay, Inc.
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Company/Client Description

Parse Pay was founded in 2018 to develop a unified, data-centric point-of-sale platform to simplify payment processing, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience. By building new POS platform architecture, the company has built a fast, flexible, and forward-thinking suite of ordering and payment solutions tailored to the needs of fast-casual restaurant establishments.

Project Overview

This project entailed a complete redesign of the dashboard, ensuring it was mobile-optimized to provide Parse Pay users with an excellent experience on all devices. The existing dashboard was decent in functionality but did not perform that well in the usability tests we conducted. This project aimed to create a new dashboard that simplified the onboarding experience for the customers. The dashboard needed to be simple and intuitive so that even if the user doesn't have experience with software solutions, they could still use the Dashboard to view operational reports and manage their menu.

Project Scope

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