Company/Client Description

Ampact is a collective of freelance technical and business consultants passionate about creating real change in the world. The company assists mission-driven organizations in leveraging technology for true impact, emphasizing developing concepts into impactful apps, platforms, and projects.

Project Overview

Welcome to my portfolio showcase for Ampact, where I proudly showcase my expertise in graphic design, brand identity development, logo design, website creation, custom iconography, custom illustrations, and business card design. In this project, I had the privilege of collaborating with the team at Ampact, a reputable technology consulting firm specializing in assisting certification organizations, sustainability initiatives, and corporate partners with the development of traceability systems, audit management tools, and consumer storytelling platforms, in crafting a distinctive brand identity and website.

Project Scope

The scope of this project was to establish a robust brand identity that encapsulates the essence of the company's commitment to sustainability and technology integration for environmental organizations. This encompassed the development of a versatile brand identity that could seamlessly adapt to a wide range of marketing channels and communication materials. Furthermore, the scope involved the creation of an impactful logo design that resonates with the targeted audience while maintaining its visual consistency across various digital and print platforms.

The website design aimed to provide an intuitive and visually engaging online platform that effectively showcases Ampact's services, expertise, and dedication to advancing sustainability through technology solutions. This included the incorporation of custom icons on the website's home page to simplify complex information and enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, the project included the creation of custom illustrations that visually represent the integration of technology and sustainability, adding a creative and informative dimension to the brand's image.

To ensure a cohesive and professional brand presence, the scope of work extended to the development of business card designs. These cards were thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly align with the brand identity, serving as a valuable tool for the Ampact' team to leave a lasting impression on their clients and partners in the sustainability sector.

Project Showcase

Graphic Design Assets

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